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Al Quran Indonesia MOD Apk and enjoy it's Unlimited Money/ Fast Level share with your friends if they want to use its premium /pro features with unlocked latest version 2021.
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Al Quran Indonesia MOD Apk and enjoy it’s Unlimited Money/ Fast Level share with your friends if they want to use its premium /pro features with unlocked latest version 2021.

Guys I try to Al Quran Indonesia Apk awesome new update where you easily download it and use it as you want on your smartphone it is free to download.


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Al Quran Game Story

Al Quran App is a free Islamic app for mobile devices. It is the most amazing Quran app for mobile. It is the easiest way to get familiar with the Quran. Here you can have a look at some of the major features of Al Quran App


You can easily use this app to easily recite the Quran in accordance with your need. The app provides you the facility to choose one of the two versions of Al Quran. You can select from The Sahih Verses or Quran Al Bass. Both the Verses are enriched with rich and authentic Arabic Words and Numbers. Thus, you can easily recite Al Quran in your daily life without any hassles.


In this app you can enjoy fully the benefit of accurate, Muslim language translation and authentic sounds of Urdu. You can have audio recitation of Quran in accordance with your desire. If you want to learn Arabic language through easy to understand voice then try to consider this Urdu translation & recitation Al Quran app. It has various levels of difficulty in order to suit you needs.


You can easily collect the verses of Al Quran in this application through their easy to use buttons. There are various categories which you can choose from according to your preference. You can also create your own group and share your favorite verses with your close ones. Moreover, you can also rate the verses by adding your favorite verse with the number of stars after each verse in the database. The most favorite Al Quran will be placed on the main menu and you can easily access them by tapping on the relevant category. You can also share this delicious app with your loved ones via e-mail or through social media websites.


The Al Quran App for iPhone and iPad enables you to listen to the desired verse and translate it to English with ease. You can even add your own custom made translation to make your speech even more meaningful. The Al Quran App for iPhones and iPad enables you to play traditional muslim songs while you recite the Quran with the help of different types of traditional rugs. You can also connect with your friends via networking such as Facebook or Twitter.


This is one of the best learning apps in the market today. This Islamic app makes you learn all about the beautiful traditions followed by Muslims all over the world. In fact, millions of people from different parts of the world have been deeply moved by the beautiful stories of Al Quran. It is one of the important holy books and is referred to as the most appropriate book that could help one attain a higher status in Islam. So, if you too want to learn to read the Quran in a better way, then you must try out this innovative Islamic eBooks.

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It is available at an attractive price rate. The Al Quran App for iPhone and iPad enables you to read the holy Quran with comfort and ease. You can try using this eBooks on your iPhone or iPad, whenever you are free. It has featured over sixteen lines of Arabic words, which are spoken by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Moreover, it also features a dictionary of sorts, which helps you gain clarity about the different holy Quran verses.


Thus, the Al Quran App is an innovative product that not only helps you to learn the holy Quran in a comfortable manner but also allows you to read it in a highly proficient way. It is available at an attractive price rate. So, if you too want to read the Quran in a simpler manner, then the app reviews are the best resources for you. So, download the app now and start learning the Quran in a delightful manner.


Al Quran App is the best online translator of Quran. It can be downloaded to your device. To learn and understand the Arabic language, the use of this app will be very helpful. Here are the benefits of using Al Quran App:

Experience After gameplay

– Learning various kinds of Arabic words and phrases through this al quran app is easy. recite the Quran with this application. You may recite by ear or listen in CDs. You can also select some interesting verses of the Quran to follow along while reciting. The application provides beautiful muslimic background while reciting.


– Practice and hone your recitation skills through this free e-learning Arabic language software. You can learn quran by ear or read it without any requirement for a dictionary. The application provides beautiful muslimic background while reading. Learn Quran with Al Quran App is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices.


– Learn Quran in a fun way. Al Quran App includes several interesting features like quiz to test you on your knowledge of verses. Some of the verses are repeated again. The features like “bookmark”, “share” and “preview” make the application interesting. You can also view other two verses in order to choose the best one.


– Learn the meaning of holy verse with Al Quran App. This applications gives you the facility to translate the holy Quran in traditional and modern style. There are some advanced features like track your learning, track your progress and share it on Facebook. There are also many exciting free activities available with Al Quran App, such as “QR codes”. These QR codes enable you to access online stores using your ipad or iPhone. With Al Quran App you can translate the holy Quran in traditional style from any website.

Al Quran Fully unlocked

– The application enables you to read quran in modern and traditional style. There are also many exciting activities and features available with Al Quran App, like “share”, which allows you to share the translated text with your friends through Facebook or e-mail. You can even export the whole page as an eBook. Another exciting feature of the Al Quran App is the “Seek and Learn” option that lets you learn new lessons as you seek out relevant information and verses from the holy Quran.


– You must have a computer that has an internet connection. To use Al Quran App, you need to install a translation tool or a translator who provides the necessary translations for the application. This application comes with an audio track, created by the experts in Islamic sciences, which aids in pronunciation of the holy Quran. Thus, you can easily follow the guidance of the religious scholars while learning the quran reading by listening to the audio files present in the application.


– The application offers the ability to convert the holy Quran into Arabic and English. There is also the option of choosing between the traditional Arabic version and the modern one, which provide the same reading but with different translation keys. This feature provides the user the ability to read the Quran in Arabic and English, in accordance with their choice. Thus, Al Quran makes full use of the features of the modern mobile devices that support human reading in full detail.


– The application also features the facility of expanding the vocabulary of the verse. The dictionaries available for the application to allow you to choose the appropriate word from the dictionary and add it to your already existing list of words that appear in the verse. This allows you to access the complete meaning of each word while reading the holy Quran.

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– The Al Quran App also contains a number of tools to check whether you are following the right method in reciting the Arabic verse or not. It includes the option of comparing the two methods of recitation – the Isha (verses) and the shariah (verse). The Al Quran App displays the differences between these two methodologies, allowing you to decide on your method of reciting the quran text. This application also allows you to make use of the existing Islamic dictionaries and translate the word in accordance to its rules.


The Al Quran App brings the verses of the holy Quran closer to everyone. This makes it easier for people to understand the meaning of the holy Quran in everyday life. Its application makes it even more attractive to people as many of them find it extremely useful to memorize the verses of the quran verse by verse.