CashBean Personal Loan by PC Financial

The loan amount can be as low as Rs 1500 or Rs 60,000, and the term of the loan is between 62 and 120 days.
Interest Rate: 0.07% per Day (25.55% per Annum);

Processing Fee:

This fee is based on the amount of the loan and the details of the application. It ranges between Rs 90 and Rs 2,000.

GST: 18% of Processing Fee, in accordance to the policy and laws.

APR: Maximum 74.2% (Annual Percentage Ratio including Interest, Processing Fee and Tax);


A 62-day loan for Rs 10,000, payable over 2 months at a rate of 25.55% per year

Interest = Rs 10,000 * 25.55%/365 * 62 = 434

Processing Fee: Rs620

GST = Rs620 * 18% = RS111.6

The total amount due is: Loan Amount + Interest + Processing Charge + GST = Rs10,000 + R434 + Ras620 + Rs111.6 = 11,165.6

APR = (Rs11165.6 – Rs10,000), / Rs10,000, / 62 *365 = 68.62%.


CashBean, India’s most trusted digital personal loan platform based on mobile lending, is India’s largest. CashBean is a product registered under RBI by P C Financial Services Private Limited.

Our goal is to satisfy customer’s financial requirements for various purposes, including purchase of mobile phones, payment of bills, and medical needs.

CashBean is India’s most trusted personal loan app. Get online loans that are safe, fair and convenient.

CashBean: Why?

3. Access to a loan 24/7/7, anytime, anywhere

4. Review of applications efficiently

5. Once approved, transfer funds to the connected account

7. The sanctioned amount slowly increases as credit scores improve.

8. Many options for convenient repayment



Indian Resident

3. Source of monthly income


How does it work?


1. 1. Install CashBean from the Play Store

2. Register for an account

3. Choose the product that you wish to apply for

4. 4. Fill in the content and submit your application

5. You may be contacted for verification after you submit your application. If approved, the APP will display your final application results. You will also be notified by SMS.

6. After approval, sign the consent form.

7. The loan amount approved will be credited to the account upon confirmation of the loan agreement. A SMS notification will also be sent.