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Cooking Tycoon MOD Apk and enjoy it's Unlimited Money/ Fast Level share with your friends if they want to use its premium /pro features with unlocked latest version 2021.
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Cooking Tycoon MOD Apk and enjoy it’s Unlimited Money/ Fast Level share with your friends if they want to use its premium /pro features with unlocked latest version 2021.

Guys I try to Cooking Tycoon Apk awesome new update where you easily download it and use it as you want on your smartphone it is free to download.

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Cooking Tycoon

Cooking Tycoon by Joz Willems is a very well-designed, fully unlocked economy and career simulator. The twist in the game isn’t just the gameplay, but the use of the core mechanic, the Buy/Ran Food System. Starting out as a simple manager looking to make money, you will slowly unlock more features as your business grows.


You are able to work to create restaurants, hotels, fast food centers, snack bars, fruit stands, and much more. Fully unlocked experience after gameplay and cooking lessons provide the most opportunity to further your career and succeed in this simulation cooking game.


Fast food, hotel and restaurant tycoon builder Fresh Food Inc. are an easy to start and learn casual time management tycoon game application that will greatly speed up your initial prototypes, and is useful as a solid foundation for further improvements and experiments.


Multitask between serving, grilling and stacking

Experience after gameplay and a fresh new start after a job interview introduce the different menus available at the beginning of each level. When you have selected one of the basic menus, choose from several exciting and fun-filled menus offered by your Manager.


Choose from an amazing selection of delicious dishes, from the best local and international chefs, and exciting and delectable combinations to satisfy any palate. Continue building your reputation as you move through the various levels of the restaurant business, increasing your chances of getting hired and creating new opportunities for extra income.


Fresh Food Inc is a well-designed casual time management game application that gives users the opportunity to enjoy their daily grind of managing, preparing and managing their restaurants with ease.

– More than 40 dishes to cook using hundreds ingredients

Starting out as just a simple manager, you must train and nurture your young staff to prepare delicious meals using hundreds of delicious ingredients.


You can also use the various jobs and responsibilities given at the beginning of the game to advance to more crucial positions and fulfill more spectacular goals with the help of more than a few helpful and engaging mini-games.


This arcade-style game revolves around four gorgeous women chefs who are your star employees. These hard working ladies are your cooking and need to prepare the most delicious foods using countless recipes you give them.


As a manager, you need to coordinate all the necessary elements of the kitchen to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The mini-games in this cooking game include hot dog and cake popping, pizza and hamburger making, make it into a pie and earn a star for your delicious recipe, among many others.


The game starts out with the same slow-paced arcade-style game play that has made fans of the series love it so much. The premise is simple enough. The four female chefs are tasked to cook and prepare five different types of food by using specific recipe cards.

Effects & Sounds & Music Playback Quality

The players respond to the orders by tapping on the corresponding icons on their chef hat and menu options in the kitchen. When the female chefs cook and prepare their recipes to the satisfaction of the customers, they earn a star based on how well they execute the recipe they have been given.


Unlike the other games in the Game Cooking series, the Cooking Tycoon allows players to choose between several different starting options. If you are just starting as a tycoon, you get to cook using hundreds ingredients and earn more points for each recipe you successfully cook.


The more difficult starting options in the game allow you to become a tycoon and unlock even more advanced options and settings. Once you have passed the first level, you can move up to the next level where you will be tasked to cook using even more unique gourmet restaurants, earn more money, serve better customer’s dishes, as well as cook even more dishes to earn even more stars and endorsements.


The main objective of the game is to be the first player to cook the most number of dishes using the given options. To do this, you have to quickly think of new recipes as well as think of alternative ways of preparing old ones. To add, the more dishes you successfully cook, the more money you earn.


However, there is much more to it than just completing the levels. In order to truly succeed in Cooking Tycoon, you must learn how to play much like an arcade-style game where you must hit enemies and items in order to score points.

To help you achieve your goal of becoming a tycoon in Kitchen Builder, the in-game guides have been designed to walk you through every step of the game. You can learn tips from them that can help you avoid spending too much money while developing your kitchen.


Best of all, the in-game guides are available for free. In addition to that, the tycoon simulator website also provides numerous hints, tips and tutorials that will help you play the game much better. All these things together mean that you don’t need to invest too much of your time and effort in this one but instead can enjoy hours of entertainment.

Fully unlocked App 2021

Cooking Tycoon is the most updated and current cooking game on Facebook. It also has one of the biggest community on Facebook. With the latest update it lets players manage their restaurant business from up to five stars.


With this feature players can build the business they are seeking in the most efficient way possible. It also gives them a chance to save money which is needed to get the restaurant to five stars.


This innovative cooking game has been loaded with hundreds of delicious ingredients and tools to cook delicious meals for you and your family. The fresh ingredients are delivered through an air balloon and you have to cook them up to earn money and advance to the next level.


The new update of the cooking tycoon lets players enjoy the exciting journey to the top by delivering more than just meals. The upgrade lets players experience a whole new world of excitement, challenges, secrets, and fun.


The thrilling island experience brings you one step closer to the unlimited potential of being a culinary tycoon. With the Island Access you can unlock all three restaurants and have all the tools and resources to cook delicious meals for the rest of your family and friends.


With the new premium cooking supplies you can get a better variety of fresh ingredients, more advanced recipes, special dishes, and exciting pets. With the premium kitchen supply store you can have the right amount of flour, sugar, salt, and powdered milk, all of the ingredients that you need to cook delicious meals.


Cook Island gives you a choice of five restaurants to start your career in. The five restaurants can be expanded as you progress through the game. There are also three levels of competition in the cooking tycoon game.


You can unlock the secrets of how to become a tycoon by upgrading your restaurants to level ten. Along your journey you will meet new characters who will encourage you to become an even more successful chef.


The Island Access also includes a sushi time management game where you make sushi time after time. The more successful you are at it the more chances you get to have the chance to impress people and earn more money.


You can spend your time making sushi for your friends, family, and rivals. You can invite your friends and family over to your house for a night of sushi time. If you run out of rice in the game you can always order sushi from a variety of themed restaurants instead.


With all of these amazing features included in the exciting kitchen building delivers fresh new cooking experience alive with a unique twist of providing an addictive challenge to players. The exciting island experience gives players a chance to explore beautiful islands teeming with life and color.

Experience After gameplay

Cook Island gives players a chance to experience a whole new world of excitement, satisfaction, and fun. The island is populated by friendly and helpful monkeys that guide you through every step of the cooking process as you strive to become the fastest, most popular, and most appreciated chef in the city.


With the innovative and engaging mechanics of the game, players never run out of challenges and adventures. In addition, you can also build up your own restaurant if you so choose. Players can invite their friends and family to join them as they work to cook the best dishes in town.


As you progress through the different levels of the game you can continue to invite new people to the kitchen. As you help cook delicious food you will also amass more money. As you climb to the top level of the game, the more money you earn; the more attractive you become to the chefs that you see working in the restaurant buildings.


Cooking tycoons offers all of the ingredients and tools you need to prepare delicious meals for your customers. Players can select the different recipes from the hundreds of dishes offered, which can be done on any given day of the week.


Players can also learn how to prepare three basic types of dishes from the beginning and make use of their kitchen accordingly. Cooking tycoons is a great online role playing game where players can learn how to cook and earn money at the same time. It’s easy to play with since the interface is clear and easy to follow. Anyone can pick this game up today for free.