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Dragon Mania Legends, developed by Free Online Games is just another online multiplayer RPG game which you can play by yourself or with friends in real time to complete the quests, make accomplishments and level up your character. This game is not just highly interactive but it is also very much interesting and fun.

Dragon Mania Legends Game

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Dragon Mania Legends is an online multiplayer role-playing RPG that’s played with at least two players as theiar very own private army of demons, monsters and dragons out of unhatched eggs to powerful warriors ready to undertake the world at large. To be able to develop into a fully fledged warrior and defeat the villains plaguing the world, you will have to defeat all the evil beings which threaten it and protect its denizens. This land has been under the protection of the dragon lord who rules it over with an iron fist.

The narrative revolves around Raksha Bandhan (aka Rakshabandhan), a woman who is born with magic powers that enable her to fly and watch in the dark. However, she still has no recollection of her previous lives and just vaguely remembers that she was once the girl of Lord Brahma previously.

A young man named Shravan has heard about Raksha Bandhan and desires to wed him in order to satisfy his destiny of being a dragonlord. Raksha promises and agrees to marry him if he’ll help her defeat Brahma and take charge of the Land of Dragons. The participant is going to have to build the army of his personality and defeat the villainous creatures of earth by beating all of his enemies and challenging him to battles.

Raksha is the main part of the game and is voiced from the well-known actress, Lisa Loeb. The game also has a huge cast of characters and each has their own unique powers and is well known for their characters in the game. The main villain, Lord Brahma, is voiced by the legendary actor, Jason David.

An Online Multiplayer Role Playing Game

There are a number of creatures in the game and some of them are even able to talk. They speak about their pasts and give information on where to go, what to do and where to locate monsters. If you want to acquire more information about critters, you may read their descriptions and request assistance from them on quests or only obtain their information online.

The monster in Dragon Mania Legends are extremely diverse and may be utilised in battle against the player’s armies to do damage. They’re also able to work with special moves and abilities as well as their ability to control the environment of the sport.

Some of the Creatures Comprise the Vampire, Dark Lord, Death Mantis, Demon Lord, Hydra, and a Lot More. In order to gain the power of their abilities, they need to fight other creatures and complete quests to accelerate and become more powerful.