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Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff promises to be one of the most downloaded apps for iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad devices this year. It is a flash game based on the popular American animated comedy TV series created by Seth MacFarlane. The TV show has been enjoying huge popularity across the globe. The show, based on a series of ten seasons, has been made available on DVD. The latest addition to the game, Family Guy The Quest For Stuff, promises to be one of the biggest surprises for fans of the TV series.

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In the game Family Guy The Quest For Stuff, players have to save their favorite characters like Stewie the Squire, Peter, Meg, Megatron and King Dad as they try to overcome different obstacles thrown their way. The game revolves around a fantasy world in which Stewie the Squire is the king and has loyal subjects that serve him. The main storyline revolves around an impending war between the town of Heckuva Island and Megatron. A mysterious and powerful being called Slick, who is obsessed with getting rid of Stewie for some reason, sends his army to conquer the island.


Family Guy The Quest For Stuff features the complete voice cast of the TV series. These include Michael J Fox, Eric Bana, Sean Connery, Peter Cullen, Brian Doyle, Megumi Yamane, Mary McDonnell, Karen Gaffney, Jim Rash, Joe Mulally, Megumi Ueda, and Dave Bowers. The game features over 20 original songs, all of which can be played by the players. The flash game can be played alone or with other players over the Internet. There are various levels in the game that the player will progress to. The levels include Airport, Campsite, Cactus Forest, Farms, Fun Park, Back Yard, Kaleidoscope, Museum, Parking Lot, Processing Plant, Processing Building, Power Plant, Sheep Meadow, Safari Park, Tundra Zone, and many more.


The game is centered on a character named Stewie, who is an everyday boy at home, playing with his toys and having a great time with his friends. When he went on a trip with his friends, things took a turn for the worse when Megatron appeared and destroyed most of the toys in Megatron’s garage. Stewie, along with his other friends, try to save the remaining toys in hopes of getting them back. The game mainly takes place on the grounds that Megatron is after the remaining toys in order to build a massive army of Decepticons.

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Game Free For Android

The game also features a storyline where Stewie is desperately trying to get his dad’s car to start moving again so that he can go play with it. He is also trying to find out what caused the problem, but he learns that it is due to Megatron. When he finds out that the reason why his dad’s car is not working is because it is being sabotaged by Megatron, he must do something about it before it is too late. The game ends with Stewie and his father Biker Bob going on a wild goose chase after Megatron, who is also after the toys in the game.


Although the game is full of action and adventure, it does not have as much puzzle or thinking involved as some other games. However, the developers made sure that the game is challenging enough for any gamer to last a long time. The kid’s ability to think quickly will be tested during these challenging parts of the game. The graphics are rather graphic and some parts of the puzzles will require a lot of thinking. If you have a gaming PC and you want to play the Family Guy The Quest For Stuff, you need to download it from a reputable online ware store. You can buy the game or download it free from websites like filefly.


The game is about three rascals – Stewie, Feline, and Megatron, who live in the fictitious town called Pawnee. The whole objective of the game is for the kid to collect all the required things in every level of the game. Once he has collected all the required objects, he will earn money that can be used to buy new things for the household. There are many things in the game that require thought. These things can be used to help you solve puzzles and thinking is also used to direct the character in the right direction.

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It is easy to understand why many parents find the Family Guy The Quest For Stuff to be educational and interesting. Not only does it have lots of funny moments, but there are also some lessons that are learned through the game. The game teaches kids about money, friendship, and giving items to others that they care about. In short, the game is about how making friends can lead to happiness and success.

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