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Hopeless Battleground Fight for Survival Land MOD Apk and enjoy it's Unlimited Money/ Fast Level share with your friends if they want to use its premium /pro features with unlocked latest version 2021.
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Hopeless Battleground Fight for Survival Land MOD Apk and enjoy it’s Unlimited Money/ Fast Level share with your friends if they want to use its premium /pro features with unlocked latest version 2021.

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A Hopeless Battleground Fight for Survival is a highly ambitious game that promises to put the player into a war-of-the-thrones setting. The premise behind the game is intriguing, as it’s set against the backdrop of a violent future. Players have been invited into a place called The Flesher Valley, where they find themselves locked in a struggle for survival amidst hostile tribes and creatures.


With help from a few locals and some technological items, players must work together to survive and find a way out. This multi-faceted game promises to be a unique experience as it lets the player explore new elements of online role-playing games.

Download Hopeless Battleground Fight for Survival Land latest version 2021

The Flesher Valley is situated in a mysterious and dangerous part of the world. As you might have guessed, many years ago, a massive crash devastated the area and left most of its people dead, forcing the remaining humans to find a new home. Two groups, the Order of the Stoneborn and the Order of the Radiant Light, are trying to rebuild their lives, while also trying to find out why this catastrophic event happened in the first place. These two factions face off against each other in this action-packed role-playing game as they try to defend their new home from the enemy.

One interesting aspect of the game is the customizable classes which players can choose. Some of these include the Hunter, the Shaman, and the Witch doctor, each with their own special skills and weapons. Once inside of their customized class, players are able to enter The Flesher Valley and start working to either clear out the enemies or to build up their defenses. Players can also choose to go on a specific quest, or to engage in a battle to see which faction will win the game.

Hopeless Battleground Fight for Survival Land Apk Free for android

The game has a strong focus on building up one’s character and using that to help them in battle. For example, the Witch doctor starts the game with a minor problem: he is unable to control his deadly disease, which is causing him to infect everyone around him. To combat this, he transforms into a powerful being known as the Plague Witch, who deals out devastation and diseases at a rapid rate. Other players can choose to be hybrids who possess both the skills and abilities of the different classes. These characters are well-rounded and provide ample amounts of support in battle.


For those who wish to go on the offensive, there are many classes which allow players to attack and defend themselves. These include the warrior, the Paladin, and the Rogue. Each of these offers special abilities that make them uniquely suited to engage in close encounters or to take down more technologically advanced opponents. When entering combat, it is always important to assess your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, so that you can use your skills to the best of your ability. If an opponent is heavily armored or has a powerful weapon, utilizing one’s own weapon against theirs is often a good option.


If you do not wish to engage in combat directly, another option in the game for you is the wilderness. There are many areas across the hopless which offer shelter and safety to those who would like to explore. You can build campsites and rest along the bodies of water and mountainside. You can rest in your campsite and wait for other players to arrive, or engage in a battle. Some of the areas also have treasures and other items that players can collect for items that they can later sell for gold or use during battle.


Another way to enjoy the game is by building your own avatar. This avatar is yours to design and create in any way you choose. However, this is not where the true fun begins. HOPless features an endless amount of battles and challenges for players to partake in. Players can select their characters, create an avatar and fight for their survival against other players using whatever weapons they choose. If you want to do battle on the water, try out the Battleground Fight for survival land.

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The real fun about playing HOPless isn’t limited to just battling against other players. As you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock special items and powers for your character. There are many secrets and Easter eggs hidden throughout the game that will help you progress through the levels faster and easier. Whether you are into shooting enemies or building up your own base to make it more difficult to conquer, HOPless can provide hours of entertainment with its many challenges.

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