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Idola Phantasy Star Saga MOD Apk and enjoy it’s Unlimited Money/ Fast Level share with your friends if they want to use its premium /pro features with unlocked latest version 2021.

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Story Explained

Idola Phantasy is a new mobile game in the classic RPG series. It was launched in Japan in late 2018 and pre-registrations for the western version are now open. It is a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the original Phantasy Star series, which was first published in 1987. In the western world, the game will be a continuation of the series.

The storyline of the game is based around a group of players working together to take down the summoned Idola, while also fighting one-on-one. In each battle, each player contributes to the progress of the other party members. In addition, each Idola has markers on its HP bar, which indicate its level of defense. When enough damage is dealt, the Idola will be exposed to the core of its body, which takes extra damage.

Idola Phantasy Star Saga MOD APK DOWNLOAD

The game has many interesting gameplay elements. In each battle, players must choose a team to fight. They can be on the Law or Chaos team, but they cannot fight each other. The difference between the two teams is the moral identities of the characters. Neutral characters are free to fight with either team, but they are limited in their abilities. You can change the team of your character at any time to ensure that your party is protected.

The game is also very customizable. You can change the Idola into any kind of character you want, allowing you to customize it with different abilities. In addition to playing as an Idola, you can even create your own party. During the first season, players can create their own Idola, and later in Season two, they can choose the names of their party members.

Idola Phantasy Star Saga APK LATEST VERSION 2022

The game is a classic RPG and has a long and successful legacy in Japan. It is a popular game in Japan, but has recently begun to push into the west with Idola Phantasy Saga. In the latter part of the game, you can control an Idola, a monster with massive destructive potential, and even control it. These characters are also controlled by Dark Falz, which has the ability to alter the Idola’s behavior.

The game features a Law/Chaos system that allows players to choose between an assault and support party. Unlike the other games in the series, you can choose your party members in advance. This makes it easier to plan your battles and customize your team’s composition. While there are many characters and classes in the game, each has unique attributes and perks. However, it is not yet available in all regions.

The game has an extensive gacha system, which makes it a highly customizable RPG. You can also purchase items to boost your character’s stats. Basically, you can use gacha to purchase the right weapons. This is a very important feature when playing a RPG. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can buy the game for free.

Idola is a turn-based RPG game. It uses the rock-paper-scissor system, and the elements are red, green, and blue. The Earth element is the only one not affected by the other three, so it deals more damage to all Earth-based units. You can also purchase in-game items in order to improve your character’s stats.


Idolas can be summoned in order to gain experience and level up. They are also used in the game’s PvP arena mode. The game can be played on mobile devices, and both iOS and Android devices have it. The game was released in Japan in November 2018, but has only recently been made available in other regions. It’s been released in Europe and Japan on November 18.

The game is a classic role-playing game. It was released on mobile devices in 2018 and requires players to team up with other people. The game offers two party modes, which can be switched between. Moreover, players can use their skills at the right time in order to clear the stages. It’s available for free on Apple’s App Store and Google Play stores. In addition, it has a special code system that lets you unlock new features.


Explore this article :- Idola Phantasy Star Saga

The fantasy game Idola Phantasy Star Saga from Supernova is a side-scrolling, pixel-based text-based RPG that recreates the idyllic imaginary world of Vanaheim, a magical realm in the land of Hyboria. You play the role of a young princess, Idola,


who must learn to defeat her enemies and save her father, Kingagos, from the clutches of the evil Naga. Along the way, you’ll meet new friends, fight new enemies, and have the opportunity to earn extra levels and unlock upgrades for your fighter ship.


Unlike many text-based RPGs, you are not forced to play through the story as the story progresses, but you can jump into the battle with full voice acting, which adds a level of reality to the game. In addition, you’ll find that much of the game involves exploration and puzzles rather than battling enemies, though you will still take on the role of protecting the land from an array of villains.


As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter a wide range of side quests as well, some requiring multiple visits to unlock items and weapons, while others simply lead towards the next objective.


Unlike other RPGs, in Idola Phantasy Star Saga you do not select from a variety of playable characters. Instead, you start off by choosing one of five starter classes, each with its own unique style of fighting and ability to build.


Each of the classes starts out at level 1, and the five available classes are determined by your choice of starting area and luck factor (if you’re playing on a console, the game is based on the console’s console settings). Each of the classes also has a unique ability tree which increases as you gain levels and includes such utilities as a Dash, a healing skill, and various offensive abilities.


The game offers an option for multiplayer mode, where you can engage in battles with friends or rivals using the same console. In addition to this, you can even play split-screen if you have more than two consoles.

However, the mode that you enjoy the most is the Story Mode, which allows you to follow the story throughout the game and experience the struggles of five unique characters as you traverse the stages. The difficulty increases as you advance through the game, with tougher dungeons and bosses being encountered along the way.


Along with battle sequences, you will find that you have a chance to level up your characters as you go through the game. There are five different character classes, each with its own set of skills, ability trees, and leveling rewards. You can even mix and match characters between characters to create your own unique fighting strategy.


For example, you can have your tanking character go on an offensive mission against the enemy, while the support characters can keep the group alive and healthy with heals and buffs. Furthermore, your thief character can sneak attacks on the enemy, while your mage can cast powerful spells and protect the rest of the team with shields.


Idola Phobia Star Syndrome retains the faithful fan base that saw the first game come to life on the Nintendo DS as well as the Game Boy Advance. The remaster is designed to replicate the feel of the original, with stunning visuals that will remind you of classic RPGs.


The facial expressions of your characters are accurately done, and the music is crisp and fitting for the time. While this game is not quite as challenging as the first release, it is still a solid game that you will thoroughly enjoy. It has the same great gameplay mechanics as the original, but introduces new elements that make the game a joy to enjoy.


The game is not perfect, nor are its story and characters. While it has many positive points, it does falter in the presentation department. The overall picture is not the greatest, but it is enjoyable to play nonetheless. You will find yourself playing the game over again as you slowly overcome the trials and tribulations that occur throughout the game.


The developers of Idola Phobia Star Syndrome took their time to create a game that was fun and exciting for fans of the genre to enjoy. The game has a strong replay value, as you will have fun trying to overcome obstacles and figure out who among your party has what it takes to defeat the enemy.

Effects & Sounds & Music Playback Quality

The characters are well drawn, and your job as the player is to determine which character you want to play and how you will use their special abilities to your advantage.

Playing as any of the heroes will give you a different perspective on the conflict, as you will see the enemy point of view and learn why they are fighting. This engaging game provides many hours of enjoyment and will keep you coming back for more!


The Idola Phantasy Star Saga is a role playing strategy game from the makers of the Mario and Sonic franchise. It is a MMORPG, or massively multi-player online role playing game. And what makes it unique compared to other games is that it’s free to play! Play it here!


In this fun and exciting game, you’ll get to enjoy a classic narrative, amazing graphics, and tons of great features. It’s all here. All you need to do is enjoy the story, the graphics, and the game play. Of course, you’ll also enjoy the various levels of difficulty. You can start off easy and easily enjoy the journey as you progress through the game.


In the story of the Idola Phantasy Star Saga, the Earth is about to be destroyed by a black hole. To stop it, you’ll have to utilize special artifacts known as the Phytoplums and fight against nasty bosses along the way. The different fights that you encounter along your journey will help you progress through the game, so don’t think that this is a “makeover” game – it’s fun and it’s worth playing.

Experience After gameplay

In the game, you’ll play as three main characters – Leon, Gel and Stick. They’re part of an elite group that’s trying to save the world by taking on the Dark Ones. You’ll get to explore the land in their car, enjoy some great action scenes, and engage in thrilling racing sequences as you try to beat the enemies.


But that’s not all that you can enjoy about the Idola Phantasy Star Saga: you’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy the different side quests that are included in the game.


Throughout the game, you’ll have the chance to visit a number of places like the Space Colony Facility and the Gorgon City. It’s up to you to discover what happened there and if any of the characters from the main storyline live in those areas. You’ll also find out why the Gorgon City has turned into a ghost town and why the facility is closed down.


It’s up to you to decide if you want to solve the mystery or if you want to enjoy the story – the choice is entirely up to you. The combat in the game is quite interesting too, featuring an all new take on traditional platform games where you Dodge your way through enemies and platform jump over obstacles.


The graphics and sound are both very nice – I particularly liked how the explosions in the game looked and sounded. The music fits the style of the game just fine, with musical cues that really fit the tale that is told.


You’ll have the opportunity to travel to different planets, including Earth and Mars, as well as flying through space. As a result, you’ll collect the standard items that are required for playing the game, like weapons and power ups – each mission is different too.

Fully unlocked App

What I do not enjoy about the game is the somewhat poor visual aspect. The visual treats you will get are excellent though, so it’s easy to forget that this is a “game” and not a “work of art”. The voice acting is also pretty good. The story is quite long, but not nearly as long as the Idola Phantasy Star Saga.

The actual plot of the game is probably not what you’d call mind-blowing. But if you enjoy fantasy, then this game is definitely worth a look.


It is a fairly traditional point and click adventure game. However, it doesn’t necessarily offer anything new – but it does what it does very well. And that’s entertain – lots! If you enjoy things that go bump in the night, then this game is definitely worth checking out.

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