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 Jewels Switch MOD Apk and enjoy it's Unlimited Money/ Fast Level share with your friends if they want to use its premium /pro features with unlocked latest version 2021.
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 Jewels Switch MOD Apk and enjoy it’s Unlimited Money/ Fast Level share with your friends if they want to use its premium /pro features with unlocked latest version 2021.

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Jewelry Switch is the follow up to Jewelry Maker: Art of the Sword. The game promises to be even better than its predecessor. Previously released on the iPhone, the game now offers mobile friendly controls and high quality graphics.


The graphics and visual quality of the game were enhanced by adding a few extra features. For example, the background was redone to provide a more cartoon like appearance.


I really enjoyed the little story that accompanied the development of each of the characters. It seemed very well written and easy to follow. There were several different endings for each level and I always replay some parts just to see what happened.


I especially enjoyed the ending for the heroine, “Riko”. Although she started out as the typical Japanese girl, she ends up taking on a new identity after getting captured and held prisoner with the Naga pirates.


One of the unique features in Jewelry Switch is the ability to switch between controlling Riko and her gemstone buddy, Kiyosaki. When I played the game, I did not realize how this would work, but it really does make the game fun.


The two are on a mission to free their friend from a prison where she belongs. However, as time progresses, they find themselves facing stronger challenges as they learn more about the history of the jewelery.


– Arcade Mode: 250 challenging levels and more to come
The game story is very good. There were no major plot twists, but there were a few that I really wanted to see developed. The game focuses on friendship more than romance, which is okay. Overall, the game story is engrossing. I also really liked the different weapon and gem types that were used throughout the game.


Another thing that the game has that sets it apart from other games is that you are allowed to mix and match gems and weapons throughout the game.


This is very good news for those who don’t like to stick to one style. I especially liked the combination gem/staff weapons. The fighting in the game is very fun. They have very realistic movement and attack motions, and there are even boss battles that are played out with these animations.

Time Mode: There is no time to waste which can help you lose fat

Some of the lesser aspects of the game are the gem system and the item system. Not sure if the item system is supposed to be an extension of the gem system, or if they are actually separate systems. Regardless, the gems are pretty limited in number. For fights you can only have two gems, but the game definitely makes up for it by giving you good weapons and gems.


Jewels Switch is an arcade-style game that is a little bit puzzle-like. However, the fighting part is very engaging. The puzzles don’t get as complicated as they do in other similar games, but it still keeps you interested. I did find that some of the later levels were a bit challenging.


The enemies had higher defense, so they could easily defeat my attacks. Still, overall, the game is fun, and worth playing.


Overall, I give Jewels Switch thumbs up. It’s not your traditional gaming. It’s not a “run and gun” type of game where you just shoot everything that comes near you. However, if you enjoy that type of game, then this is a great game to try out!

Effects & Sounds & Music Playback Quality

The first level is the hardest, so prepare yourself to work hard. There are jewels everywhere that will start turning up as soon as you enter a room. The gems that you pick up can be used to attack opponents, boost your defense, and even use them to power up your weapons.


The jewels are used to turn your weaker weapons into powerful ones. Some of your weapons are just as strong as the ones you start out with!


Once you start using the stronger weapons, the enemies will become more difficult to beat. The game gets progressively harder as you go through it. It’s difficult enough to fight against humanoids in the beginning, but once you start fighting against stronger ones.


you will be gasping for air. Jewels definitely make this game a fun one to play. Plus, you get gems for each level instead of experience points, making winning more of a goal than a goal in this game.


Overall, I give Jewels Switch a positive review because it really does live up to its name. There is plenty to do and see in this fun little game. If you have never played a platformer before, or if you are new to gaming, you will love this one. The graphics are clear and the fighting feels solid. If you enjoy platformers then you will love this game.


Jewelry Switch is an online sport that lets users earn virtual money. The app allows users to earn money through engaging in a game where they have to match 3 rings within a certain time frame in order to cash in the rewards. Each ring has a set of rare gems that can be collected by the player.


The gem can then be stored for future use in the Jewelry Wallet. The gem can also be traded in for real money or exchanged for items. Users have to keep track of the amount of gems they have collected along with the time spent in playing the game to earn extra points.

Experience After gameplay

This game has been updated since its initial launch on both the iOS and android versions. Now players can earn even more points while playing the game and they are also given the option to switch between the iOS and android devices.


The inbuilt matchmaking system in the game allows users to choose their preferred device as they begin the match. This feature is also available in the premium version.


The second major update of Jewels Switch, version 2.6, introduces several exciting features that have completely changed the way players play the game. Players can now collect more gems by collecting the most number of points within a short period of time.


There is also a new special treasure mode in the game that allows players to earn unlimited gems if they clear the 250 levels without using their phones. Apart, from these exciting new features, the second version of Jewels Switch provides several other exciting benefits to its users.


Android users had been complaining about the slow performance of the game on their smartphones. However, this issue has been solved in the second version of Jewels Switch by releasing an update that fixes several crashes. The update effectively improves the speed of the game across all the devices including iPhones and iPads.


Moreover, users can now enjoy the inbuilt matchmaking functionalities with the help of the free version of the application. Apart from this, there is also an option available for users who want to remove the pop up ads and the ad banners from the screen by using the native programming language of the android operating system.


The second version of Jewels Switch includes several new game modes, which enable players to select the one they prefer. They can switch between three unique game boards such as Story, Arena and Multiplayer.


Moreover, users can also compete with other online users of the application in the arena to earn higher scores. In addition to this, users can also tap the various gem icons present in the inbuilt gem collection to change their color and acquire the rarest ones.


Apart from fixing the numerous bugs and crashes, the latest update of the application allows users to manage their saved data files using the personal account manager. Moreover, users can also synchronize their contacts and emails with the help of the built-in importing and exporting tools.

Fully unlocked App 2021

Jewels Switch also allows users to edit their avatars and change their hairstyles using the dedicated interface. Apart from this, the application also allows the users to browse and select the ring tones of their choice from a variety of Ringtones present in the inbuilt database.


The second version of Jewels Switch includes an entirely free update application which fixes several bugs in the Android system and prevents the application from crashing. The free update helps users make sure that they do not miss any new feature introduced by the developers.


In addition to this, the users are also able to manage their saved passwords in order to ensure that they do not lose their personal information. The free update also enables the users to import their own ringtones and enables them to manage their individual game collections in a better manner.


Several new games have also been added to the Jewelry Switch collection. These games include Switch Gear for girls and Sparkling Angels for boys. The developers have ensured that all the games available on the app are entertaining and engaging. They have further ensured that users can connect with other users via the Jewels Switch community.


Moreover, users can also upload their own music videos using the inbuilt audio gallery facility present on the application. The developers have also made several improvements in order to make the interface more user friendly and streamlined.