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Just Cooking Ver MOD Apk and enjoy it's Unlimited Money/ Fast Level share with your friends if they want to use its premium /pro features with unlocked latest version 2021.
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Just Cooking Ver MOD Apk and enjoy it’s Unlimited Money/ Fast Level share with your friends if they want to use its premium /pro features with unlocked latest version 2021.

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Just Cooking Game Review: What You Need To Know


Just Cooking has been one of the best-selling mobile apps of all times! It’s an excellent food-related app that lets users experience the fun of cooking and presenting its recipes to their friends in Facebook.

This app allows its users to compete with their friends with a fully unlocked Android device, as well as enjoy the advanced features such as unlimited free money, Fast Level Share with friends, and so much more. Here are some of the highlights of this addictive game for those who wish to experience the real taste of real cooking with the help of this app:


Unlock the Power of Apps: The Just Cooking application is powered by highly advanced technology that lets users experience the complete power of Android mobile platform. This means that you get to experience the full potential of the features offered by Android in a hassle-free manner.


It lets you unlock different apps and experience the exciting world of real-time cooking with the help of a variety of entertaining cooking games that let you earn credits and continue to progress through every stage of the game.


Furthermore, the Just Cooking Game tab in Facebook enables its users to interact with their friends through the chat feature, share tips and tricks about cooking and various other information related to this app. In the Facebook version, one can also continue the game from any point of the menu if the player feels the necessity to do so.


Free Food! Enjoy the Delicious App: The game starts with its very own restaurant where Leela the heroine needs to cook delicious food for the customers. To earn credits, Leela should be able to serve customers with the best tasting food and cook them to satisfaction.


However, as you progress through the game, you will witness that the restaurant gets more luxurious and sophisticated, with more features being added. To help you enjoy a fully-unlocked version of the Just Cooking game, the unlockables are available on Facebook.


Game Features: The graphics are nicely animated to make the game look attractive and entertaining. Apart from that, the interface is user-friendly. All the features available in the game can be adjusted according to your convenience, giving you a wonderful gaming experience while engaging with the game.


For instance, you can adjust the speed of the food-grilling animation, control the direction of the chef’s chair, and zoom in and out. There are also other interesting features like auto-save feature, which allows players to save time by letting them skip to previous menus after finishing the last one. There are also split screen mode, enabling players to play the game while viewing the cooking competition on Facebook.


Game Modes: There are a variety of game modes in this mobile cooking simulation game that allow players to choose the type of game they want to play. They can either play against themselves or compete with their friends in head-to-head competitions.


There are also split screen modes in which two players are able to see the interface simultaneously. Other popular game modes include timed runs where players have to cook a specific number of dishes within a specific time period, ranging from one to five minutes.


Game Features: This popular game version enables the player to select the ingredients used for cooking. It is also possible to change the cooking style, such as bake, grill, and steam. Some of the popular recipes included in the game include the classic foods such as the pizza and the French fries.



Other foods include Chinese food, sushi, and the Thai peanut sauce. The cooking style can be further customized with the additional ingredients and options available in the Just Cooking apps.


Gameplay: A number of interactive features are also available in the Just Cooking app. For example, when players are asked to input the ingredients of a recipe, they will be asked to enter the ingredients one at a time rather than entering the whole recipe. The icons displayed on the screen will change to indicate whether the recipe needs cooking ingredient(s) or not. The player is also capable of rotating the screen to check if ingredients need to be added, or removed.


Just Cooking Game Review: The game has received numerous positive reviews from its users. The game’s mechanics are very easy to understand and the controls are responsive. Some of the popular features that users have commented on include the attractive interface, which allows the player to quickly learn the cooking mechanics without too much difficulty.

Fully unlocked App 2021

The game also has a number of relaxing and soothing ambient sounds, which make the playing experience very peaceful. The game saves the user’s progress automatically, so that the user does not need to spend too much time learning how to play the Just Cooking games. The game offers a total of 60 levels, and each level has several unlockable recipes, so that the player is assured of replay value.


Just Cooking Game Review

Just Cooking has been an influential American cookbook publishing company and is based primarily in Culver City, California. The company has been around since the mid-1990s, developing an assortment of recipes, cookbooks, and publications catering to the culinary needs of food lovers everywhere.


The company’s flagship publication, Just Food, is still on the bestseller lists, which is attributed not only to its great design and features, but also to the in-depth information that it offers.



In Just Food, chef Jasmine Beckham follows her story as she gets into a culinary internship, then drops out of it and embarks on an odyssey to find a better job. Followers of the company’s other books, Just Cook and Just Recipes, as well as the Just Cooking mobile app, are introduced to Jasmine as she sets out on a journey in search for fame and fortune.


What she finds along the way are both food and an interesting story about family life, love, and good food. It takes a bit of a journey to get to the end result, however, and the first few chapters present a glimpse of the world of food, while the remainder of the book chronicles each step of the journey in great detail.


The first section of Just Cooking focuses the story of Jasmine as she attempts to break into the restaurant industry. Following the events of the previous Just Food game, you have decided that you want to pursue your culinary dreams, so your mentor tells you that you should try your hand at a new cooking game called Just Cook.

Latest version 2021

The problem is that the new game requires you to master over sixty cooking techniques, and only a handful are explained in this narrative text. As luck would have it, however, just before you begin your training, the Just Cook kitchen has collapsed and seemingly burned down.


Searching through the ruins, you find a note that leads you to Jasmine, who is surprisingly still alive. With the help of a fireman, you are transported back to the Just Cook kitchen, where the chef prepares your order and, upon completion, Jasmine thanks you and wishes you luck for your success.


If you’re looking for an enjoyable cooking game in which to improve your techniques and abilities, then the Just Cook games are ideal. You can purchase Just Cooking at the PlayStation Store or the App Store for iPhone and iPad. The free version is only available in the App Store for a limited time, though it is worth trying out the demo.


It provides an attractive interface for viewing your progress and allows you to record your scores as well. Game modes range from one on one practice with a pre-designed cook or family to a multiplayer match with another player where you cook together.


Unlike many cooking simulation games, in which your cooking is usually predetermined, in Just Cooking you are allowed to decide how your food will turn out and how you will progress through the story. For example, some cooking jobs will progress by earning ribbons or simply by cooking a particular dish. In other cases, you might need to find ingredients or cook up a storm. The choice is yours.

Effects & Sounds & Music Playback Quality

The graphics and user interface, while not as detailed as we would like for our favorite computer games, are clean and well designed. When you load up Just Cooking, you’ll see a game menu that allows you to start off at the familiar farm or city grill. Once you’ve chosen a city, you have the option to travel there to begin your culinary adventures.


Using the handy map, you can view all of the available spaces for cooking services, allowing you to quickly move from kitchen to city or state. In addition to your listing of available restaurants, the game will give you tips and advice as you make your way through the tale of your first career as a professional chef.


Unlike other online cooking games, in Just Cooking you do not have a predetermined beginning, like other games where you start at the bottom of the story and work your way up to the top. Instead, the plot of the Just Cooking game takes place on a continuous path, as you complete each stage and move closer to becoming a true chef.


As you lose points due to poor food or simply because you haven’t had enough practice cooking a certain dish, your story will take an unexpected turn as you progress toward the finish line. As you struggle to improve upon your skills, a new cast of characters will appear, giving you even more opportunities to learn and enjoy the game.


The graphics are fairly basic for an online cooking game, but the detailed restaurant scenes really make this game shine. The full screen mode makes it easy to view every angle of the cooking environment, while the customizable buttons allow players to carefully select their kitchen equipment.


The controls take just a few seconds to learn, making this game a great fit for those who have little time or who wish to practice their cooking skills without having to invest a lot of time in doing so. As you progress through the Just Cooking game, you will see your cooking skills improve, as will your customers! The graphics are clear and well designed, which leaves the player with little doubt regarding how enjoyable this game is overall.