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Kinda Heroes Ver MOD Apk and enjoy it's Unlimited Money/ Fast Level share with your friends if they want to use its premium /pro features with unlocked latest version 2021.
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Kinda Heroes Ver MOD Apk and enjoy it’s Unlimited Money/ Fast Level share with your friends if they want to use its premium /pro features with unlocked latest version 2021.

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Kinda Heroes Ver Game Story

The cutest and most challenging RPG ever made for mobiles, fighting heroes is now the brand name of a brand new role-playing game released by the Kinda Heroes development team for Android devices. This fantastic game is perfect for those who love to challenge their minds and abilities and spend their free hours playing a delightful game on their mobile phones. In this game, you can find yourself saving different cities from all across the globe as you conquer the enemy bases and fight your way through the corridors. You can also use the powerful destructive element of water, ice or wind to devastating effect to destroy the enemy units and bring about peace and order in your own home town.


To buy this awesome addictive game, you just have to search the internet for its availability on Google Play or any other premium gaming app store. The game can be purchased through the Android marketplace which provides a great opportunity for users to download the same conveniently and at affordable rates. The story of the kinda heroes starts when you meet a boy called Ike, who asks you for some rare eggs that are available only from the forest on Christmas Eve. Thus, you journey to the tree house where Ike offers you these rare and exciting eggs and you realize that these are the eggs that are required to build a mythical ark to save Christmas.


Along with this, the developers have provided a plethora of exciting and challenging gameplay options that will surely make you enjoy the game to the fullest. To start with, you can choose to control your characters using touch screen buttons. Apart from controlling Ike, you can also control the different characters including the angel Gabriel, the lion, the dragon, the dwarf and even the naughty sheep! Furthermore, you can also change facial expressions and change the clothing of your characters as per your choice. As you move on through the various levels, you will witness exciting and awesome scenes as well. However, you must be cautious as you proceed to the next level as the cutest dog ever!


To further enhance the fun and uniqueness of Kinda Heroes Game, the makers of the same have also designed numerous quests and maps for you to traverse through. The maps in the game are set in the snowy landscapes and the caves. Moreover, the player has to go through the different stages of the story and each of them is designed uniquely. In the beginning, you will be playing as the main character Ike who has special abilities and unmatched skills. You will also get to see some of the other interesting characters like the vampire and the wizard as you fight your way through the various stages.


When you want to play the Kinda Heroes Game, you do not need to download any mods or install any game hacks. All you need to do is just log on to your PC with your smartphone. You will be provided with a link that needs to be clicked. You will be asked to download the Kinda Heroes Game to your device. Once done, you will be transported to the ‘main menu’ where you can start the game and continue to enjoy the unique blend of entertainment and strategic gameplay provided by Kinda Heroes Game.


The story of Kinda Heroes revolves around the story of three superheros, Ike, Vali and Yasumi who have been appointed as the representatives of the royal family in their kingdom. There are various quests and levels in the game, which help you in improving your movements. As you progress through the game, you will also get to learn more about the different move sets available with your units. The three movements consist of the bash, combo, blade master and dragon master. These movements enhance the special skills of your units and also make them capable of handling various situations.

Game Graphics and Visual Quality

Kinda Heroes Game features a unique blend of exciting and intriguing storylines. The 3D fighting sequences are really impressive and the overall visual effects are really great. The android devices support native resolutions up to 434ppi which ensures excellent visuals. In fact, the game can be played directly on your smartphone using the Android Market. Apart from that, the game can also be played directly on the television with the use of a Chroma Keypad. The Chroma Keypad enables users to control their characters through 5 additional screens including the inventory, level select, character select, level select, explore the map and exit the level fast.


The game has two modes namely, the offline mode where you can explore the exciting story line and the online mode where you can engage in massive player versus player battles. The online mode is extremely exciting and features many advanced features that ensure a fantastic gaming experience. There are a total of 45 heroes to choose from including the likes of King Arthur, Robin Hood, Little John, Sir Lancelot, Cleopatra and more. So, if you wish to download this amazing role playing game then hurry up and visit the official website at the link below.


Kinda Heroes Game is a multiplayer browser game based on the hit TV series, Cartoon Network, Adventure Time. You play as Jake O’Brien, an orphan who works in a comic book store. One day, while waiting in line with his new customers, he gets bitten by a poisonous spider. Now, he has to start from zero in order to get out of trouble. As the game progresses, you find yourself boosting your power and playing through different episodes, unlocking new abilities and weapons along the way.

Experience After gameplay

In Kinda Heroes Game, you can find a number of unlockable characters that will accompany your hero throughout the game’s story. These characters include Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Cheese, Lemon Chia, Ice King and many more. Each character has their own special skills and are also equipped with unique weapons that can help you defeat enemy attacks. These weapons can be customized according to your taste and unlocked through unlocking different badges throughout the game.


The story of Kinda Heroes Game follows Jake O’Brien, an orphan who works at a comic book store. One day, while waiting in line with his new customers, he gets attacked by a vampire. This vampire makes him turn into a monster and attack his friends. However, he is saved by his new crush, Princess Bubblegum, who wishes to help him defeat his enemies. Together, they defeat all kinds of villains and eventually reach the top of the tower where the king of monsters resides.


Kinda Heroes Game is building using the cutting edge technology of flash technology for its rich and vibrant graphical user interface and it also features fully optimized and modified Android platform for fast game play and amazing gaming experience. It also comes with 100% free update features and premium game add-ons. This online game is truly a high-class production. It offers the best blend of both adventure and pure fun. Players can choose to control heroes of their choice through various innovative controls and strategic moves.

Kinda Heroes Ver Fully unlocked

Unique characters like Bubblegum, Dora, and Lemon Chia are completely interactive with their unique skills and characteristics. They can be played as individual characters or in groups of 2 to 4 players. Players can switch between playing with individual or group modes to enhance and build up their online skills in accordance with their personal preference. Android users are sure to enjoy the stunning flash animations, excellent storyline and awesome online features of this fantastic mod apk for free.


This online game has received great response from both old and new users. It has well over 50 million users from across the globe and is one of the leading free to play games available on the market. It provides unlimited game play as well as unlimited unlocks of special items and levels for its users. It also allows users to play for short periods as well as for long. Bubble Gum and Drill Syphon are two of the super hit heroes of this addictive franchise which has become extremely popular and sought after due to its interesting storyline as well as exciting gaming and online applications.


A whole range of free games are available for you to enjoy including exciting online tournaments for you to participate in if you are a member of this exciting community. You can play games against other users of this wonderful online social network as well as take part in exciting challenges. You will also be able to share your own strategies and opinions with others who play this game as well. In order to increase your playing pleasure, try downloading this amazing game today.

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Get started with the exciting free flash combat game by downloading it today. You can feel the adrenaline rush as you battle enemies and take cover to save yourself from the impending danger. Feel the super hit action as you engage in all out wars as you defend yourself from all sides. Be a winner as you save the lovely Flora and Fauna as well as put an end to Dr. Nivison’s evil plans.