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Lovestruck is a multiplayer browser game character with over 50 million downloads worldwide. It has a unique mechanic that differs significantly from other dating simulation games. The game presents a vivid depiction of real life situations and feelings that could happen to a person when falling in love. Here, we’ll cover some of the basics relating to Lovestruck and provide you with a realistic idea of what happens if you get involved in it.



In Lovestruck, players have the option of expressing their emotions in a number of different ways. Being lovestruck simply means having emotional and physical symptoms associated with deep love: “Lovestruck” literally means “to fall in love.” This terminology is used in reference to a euphoric, exhilarating, or passionate experience of sex and love itself. Being in love in this game is similar to being in love physically, as your emotions are triggered in much the same way – your heart rate will increase, you’ll breathe heavily, you might feel dizzy, and you might even throw some sort of impulsive reaction.


To further complicate matters, Lovestruck is very much unlike most dating sims. Unlike most games where a player has a fixed “opponent”, in Lovestruck, people are often not even aware of who their partner is when falling in love with them. Characters in Lovestruck, aside from the two main characters (Nora and Ryan), are all true loves of the player – to the point where certain actions and events can affect their moods.


In the worst case scenarios, they may even turn on the player and become irritable, but this rarely happens in most cases. These true loves manage to maintain their partnerships despite the adversities thrown at them, and this is what makes Lovestruck so refreshing and well-designed: the game isn’t built around a particular personality or ‘hot personality’ among its characters; it’s built around the bonds that real relationships have between people.


Most importantly, however, it is the relationships between the two main characters that make Lovestruck worth checking out. Ryan and Nora are the perfect examples of Lovestruck couples: Ryan is the football-loving guy, Nora is the pretty one-and-only girl. Their bond is so strong that even when Ryan is hurtful and wrong, Nora always consoles him and offers support.


When it comes to falling in love in a game where every character falls in love with someone else (in most video games, anyway), it’s easy to see why Ryan and Nora are the only two couples who truly succeed. Their chemistry simply spells out lesbian love, and it’s refreshing to see a game built around a relationship like this.

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However, when it comes down to actually playing the game, there isn’t much of anything to write home about. One major difference between a Lovestruck video game and one part romance novel is the lack of narrative drive. Games are more fun because they involve the players doing things for their characters; in a Lovestruck game, you’ll spend your time trying to romance the other characters instead.


This doesn’t mean that the game is not worth playing: it just means that you will be more satisfied if you’re trying to get the attention of one of the characters, rather than if you’re trying to convince someone to fall in love with you.


That being said, the story in Lovestruck is told from one person’s perspective: namely, that of Ryan, who is falling in love with Nora. It is this story that helps make the game so special, because it tells us something about how we feel about falling in and out of love with someone.

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This game also touches on broken heart syndrome and how it can affect people so negatively. It brings to light the fact that even though a relationship has problems, it doesn’t mean it can’t work through them. The game makes it clear that everyone involved has to commit to loving one another, in order for the relationship to work.


As someone who has played many visual romance novels, I can say that it has certainly been a unique experience. Lovestruck is fun, funny, and contains many different characters and different gameplay experiences.

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While it does have a story that’s told in the first person perspective, the true player experience is gained when interacting with the other players, as they each bring unique personalities and skills to the table. For example, you’ll meet characters whose strengths lie in being a flirt, a charmer, or a nice guy, who’s also sad and lonely because of his situation in life.


The end result is that you get a good night’s sleep, some laughs, and most importantly, learn something new about your characters and the relationship. You feel a connection to those you play as, unlike other narrative games where you generally start off as oblivious to your significant other. With lovestruck, you get a chance to learn more about your boyfriend or girlfriend’s personality, as you help him or her through their trials and tribulations.


It’s a game that will make you think, as you help your character slowly overcome the pain of their broken heart. For more information, check out Lovestruck on Steam or visit their website.


Lovestruck v9.6 (MOD, Unlimited Hearts) Free For Android