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Lucky Pather MOD Apk and enjoy it's Unlimited Money/ Fast Level share with your friends if they want to use its premium /pro features with unlocked latest version 2021.
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Lucky Pather MOD Apk and enjoy it’s Unlimited Money/ Fast Level share with your friends if they want to use its premium /pro features with unlocked latest version 2021.

Guys I try to Lucky Pather Apk awesome new update where you easily download it and use it as you want on your smartphone it is free to download.

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Lucky Pather App Story

Lucky Pather App is a fascinating new game from Appiction, the makers of Applesaurus. This mobile application from Appiction brings a completely new spin on the theme of fortune telling. In this game you are the fortune teller called Luck, who has to predict an event within a very short span of time. Your main objective is not to predict the right answer, but rather to give your final answer as soon as possible. The entire game is set in New York City and Luck’s journey relies on the three different stages that he visits. Here are the different stages that Luck visits in this App Story:


The first part of the game gives you a quick overview of what kind of things you have to do in each level. It also gives you tips and tricks on how to succeed in each level. During these levels you will be aided by useful tools like the weather, the streetlights and the traffic lights. In the later parts of the game you have to use these same tools to predict the exact time of the sunrise or sunset. For the purpose of making the game more interesting, the traffic lights will change color when the sun sets.


The second part is quite interesting and it introduces us to some of the characters involved with the plot of the game. In this part you are presented with a puzzle which is part of the storyline. To solve this you have to use the objects and tools available in the App Story. The puzzles in this part of the game are not too difficult and hence your App can easily retain the player’s interest.


The third part introduces us to the Luck. The player is taken back in time to an ancient village where life was simple and peaceful. The sole purpose of Luck was to make it to the capital and deliver the parcel to the King. Everything happened so effortlessly that even the king himself was convinced that luck was on its side. Luck is thus introduced into the game through the fully unlocked Hints tool.


This section of the Lucky Pather App requires the player to visit the three places mentioned in the main story line. You have to make sure that you visit them all within the time given in the storyline. The journey needs you to traverse all kinds of obstacles and you are assisted by a mini-map. As you move towards the end of the level, you have to restart the game from the last level and try to complete all challenges and puzzles.


The fourth and final part of the Lucky Pather App is the treasure hunt. You have to search for the hidden treasure chests throughout the whole story line. There is another mini-map in this section as well, which helps you track your progress through the levels. The feature that makes the game really exciting is the mini-maps as they help you in your quest.

App Graphics and Visual Quality

All the features mentioned above are present in the Lucky Pather App, but in a much enhanced version. It has been completely re-designed from scratch and now features all the exciting stuff mentioned above. You have been transported to another world called the Vestroia, where there are different tribes and cities. Each city features its own set of story lines and tasks for you to complete. This is what makes the game really adventurous as you have to solve several riddles and puzzles while you get the required items and use them to progress to the next level.


The Lucky Pather App is very simple to play and you have the option to either jump straight into the action or take the story in slow motion. You can also pause the game and look at the minimap to know about the progress. The app has received a great rating from both users and reviewers, and people seem to love it too. If you are looking for an adventurous and relaxing experience with an amazing story, then this is the perfect app for you.

The Lucky Pather App is free download mobile game, which is a simulation of medieval quest, fantasy and mystery. This app gives you free rein to be your own detective and explore the virtual world of fantasy. You are to investigate crime scenes, fight with pirates and dragons as well as capture mythical creatures as a part of your mission.

Experience After gameplay

This exciting game has been in the market for latest update since May 2021 and its still going strong. The Lucky Pather App offers free downloading to the cell phone users and it is also available in the iTunes App Store. It is a fantastic money-making app and also provides the facilities of viewing and buying reference materials through its online interface. You can also use your credit card to purchase things and upgrade your points and level in the interactive points system which further helps you in getting money for upgrading your cell phone and accessing various services in the Lucky Pather World.


You have to use your imagination while playing the Lucky Pather App and be a detective in this amazing fantasy game. There are many free trial downloads available on the internet so that you can enjoy this wonderful free version first without having to spend any money. It is absolutely free. The Lucky Pather App offers several exciting and free games such as Lucky Pather Slots, Lucky Pather Draw, Lucky Pather Spades and Lucky Pather Bingo, all these games are available in the free trial version. These games are very entertaining and you will get a real thrill while playing them.


In the full version of the Lucky Pather App you are to use your mind in exploring and capturing the evidence in order to bring the culprit to justice. There are many exciting features available in the full version. The Lucky Pather Engine which is using to run the game is fully automated and you need to just load the phone with the game and the Lucky Pather Engine will start working on it. The Lucky Pather engine allows users to select from a variety of backgrounds. You can change the background as per your choice and if you wish to revert to the default setting just hit on the’Restore Previous Setting’ option.

Lucky Pather Fully unlocked

Another amazing feature is the photo canvas feature that lets you edit and share your favorite photos with all your friends via Facebook. You can use this feature by selecting a favorite photo and using the touch screen of the phone to add a touch of creativity to the photo. This feature is available if you buy the Lucky Pather over the Google Play Store. This feature lets you create your own photo gallery.


You can also add your favorite pictures from your own photo album or those you have taken using the Lucky Pather. You can use the ‘Add Photo’ option from the main menu of the Lucky Pather. You can share your album and even save the photo to your SD card to enjoy it later. All these features make the Lucky Pather App one of the most downloaded apps in the Android Market. It is also one of the best apps for kids.


Lucky Pather pro version is available for free on Google Play Store. Lucky Pather Plus Pro version is available for free on the Amazon Appstore. The free version offers limited features and if you want to enjoy all the features of the app, the cost of the paid version should be lesser. You can download the apps for free from the Android Market if you are not very keen about buying the physical books or the eBooks from the online stores.

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If you own a smartphone that has a camera, then Lucky Pather is an excellent app which you should download to your phone. This app uses the feature of image stabilization to fix the images taken by the smartphones. Lucky Pather also offers advanced photo editing services that include retouching, cropping and others. These features make the Lucky Pather App one of the most liked apps on smartphones with many users describing it as one of the best photo editing and grooming apps on their smartphones.