Pixel Combat Zombies Strike v (MOD, Unlimited Money/Gear) Free For Android


Pixel Combat Zombies Strike MOD Apk and enjoy it's Unlimited Money/ Fast Level share with your friends if they want to use its premium /pro features with unlocked latest version 2021.
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Pixel Combat Zombies Strike MOD Apk and enjoy it’s Unlimited Money/ Fast Level share with your friends if they want to use its premium /pro features with unlocked latest version 2021.

Guys I try to Pixel Combat Zombies Strike Apk awesome new update where you easily download it and use it as you want on your smartphone it is free to download.

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Pixel Combat Zombies Strike

Enjoy the intense, combat packed, fully unlocked action and adventure as you fend off the Zombie invasion in Pixel Combat Zones. Take cover in style as you blast your way through a dark post-apocalyptic world in search of freedom and peace.

The single player gameplay is fast paced and full of excitement as you take on waves of the undead. Experience the gripping action, spectacular graphics and sound effects, and non-stop game play as you take on the challenge of defending the last living city in the Zombie Zone.


Fight the zombies as they try to break free from the grasp of the human forces. Control the game with the keyboard and stick controls as you take cover, defend yourself and shoot the zombies as they try to break out and attack.

Pixel Combat Zones delivers hours of non-stop game play as you take on this stand-alone action-adventure with addictive game play and intense monster-fighting action. Experience the thrill of overcoming zombies in over-world maps as well as the intense solo action-adventures.


The story begins in a world where zombies are rising and have overrun every town and large city. The only remaining humans are hiding in an old warehouse, surrounded by zombies. A nimble zombie runs into the warehouse, kills everyone and locks the remaining humans inside. This is your mission to save the remaining humans and fight for survival as the zombies surround you and attack.


Wage war against the zombies in many ways. You can fight head-on, using the keyboard and stick controller or use the arrow keys and WASD movement to maneuver and attack. The combat is exciting as you gun down zombies one by one.

Zombie physics engine allows you to take cover, execute attacks, and flee from the zombies as they overwhelm you. There is no shortage of weapons to destroy the zombies as you fight them. The combat is exciting, the puzzles are challenging, and the overall game is a full-featured action-adventure.

A huge arsenal of weapons

Take control of Tommy, a daring young warrior, who wishes to join the battle against the undead. With his new robotic arm attached to him, he sets out on a daring mission to rescue the damsel in distress. Once there, he must fight his way through the zombies and monsters to reach the safety of the damsel in distress.

The combat is fast paced and exciting as Tommy dazes and stuns the zombies as he makes his way through the levels. Once the objective is achieved, Tommy will upgrade his robot arm and leave the damsel safely behind.


Zombie Strike is a first person shooting game. You control Tommy, a sharpshooter, and take aim at the zombies using the mouse and keyboard controls. The left mouse button is used to aim and the right mouse button is used to fire the weapon. Z Zombies will attack when Tommy is alerted by any sounds or noises. The goal is to shoot all the zombies, while avoiding the traps laid by the Natives.

Craft weapons and ammunition

Excellent action-packed game for survival, with just impossible to lose! Extremely cool graphics, easy to understand gameplay, everything you want is just to survive. As you are going through each level, you will be protecting your home, making your own weapons (knives, axes, submachine guns), and leveling up your character (earns experience points, coins, badges, etc).

You can also buy upgrades for your weaponry (there are many available), and level up your character! As you progress through the game, you’ll uncover the truth behind the “living dead,” and discover how to kill them, too!


Some of the features included in this zombie co-op game: – First person view – Different levels – Single player mission – Online leader boards – Game saves periodically – Unique storyline – Game is Flash-based – Does not require any downloaded software – Can be played offline too!

This game is free, and it comes with bonus items as well. If you are interested, just check out the Zombie Strike website where you can find information about the game, the first three levels, and the weapons available to use!


Zombie Massacre is created by Zombie Labs, an independent video game development company based in sunny California. In this game, you take command of a military helicopter gunship and get your hands on an arsenal of weapons to annihilate all the zombies that show up at your front door!

You can also improve your ranking by finding friends and sending them an email or a text message. The game is designed so that each time you play it, the game will be different, and you will have to find all the keys hidden all over the world, and use them to shoot the zombies that appear.

Effects & Sounds & Music Playback Quality

If you survive longer than five minutes, you will be moved to the next level, and the point system will start again. Good luck, and may the zombies eat you quick!

Pixel Combat Zombies Strike is definitely one of the most exciting games on the market today! It’s free, it’s an arcade style, and it’s awesome! It’s a very entertaining game from the people that created the very popular zombie genre of games. This game is absolutely free to download name it, and play right now! Enjoy the ride


The story is very fast-paced and has several different routes to complete the game (levels), depending upon your preferred playing style. There is a bit of storyline, but you’ll also find that the dynamic action combined with intense action is what really makes this game so fun. Some of the zombie killing is done with guns, but they aren’t just your standard “reload” type weapons (there’s plenty of other weapons available).

Experience After gameplay

The download has a number of different versions of the game, allowing you to download pixel perfect action games. The first two scenarios in the “infected” set of missions are more action heavy than the rest, so if you are looking for an upgrade or a bit of variety, these missions are not recommended.

However, you can always play the more “traditional” missions later on, without having to complete any of the infected missions first. You will also notice that the two story scenarios are very different from one another, which I find rather interesting.


For those of you that enjoy playing more traditional zombie killing games, the download pixel combat games should give you some very good fun. The game has all the classic elements of a zombie attack: blood, dismemberment, and a few other things.

It’s also been enhanced with the latest in flash technology, allowing your game to look really great and run smoothly. The improved black-ops version of the game has some exciting special effects, and a few other neat additions.


One of my favorite parts of the game is when you are defending your base. The zombies seem to get stuck to the walls, and some of them are even standing up. You must blast them away with your weapons until they all fall down. In the “infected” mission, your objective is not to defend the base as you fight off waves of infected zombies.

Instead, you must protect the generators, and use them to power up your base defense system, so that you can call in the air transport and have people begin shooting at the infected zombies once they enter.

Fully unlocked App

Some of the weapons (pistols, axes, submachine guns, etc.) are quite interesting, and you get to use them in quite a few different ways. Some of the machine guns have special effects that add some excitement to the game, as well.

You can use a machine gun to shoot an enemy (while they are behind a wall) and then follow up with a barrage of pellets that almost take them out of the world. Another great weapon is the heavy duty cube fist, which can slice through many zombies or other obstacles as you advance to the next level.


The player will also find that each weapon can be used in a number of ways, and you can combine weapons during a battle. For example, you can lob a machine gun at a group of zombies and then have another group lob machine guns at you. Then, you can switch back and forth between the two weapons.

There are tons of different settings, and I find that there is no end to the amount of action you can have in this wonderful game. You simply need to download the huge arsenal of weapons and start blasting away during combat zombies strike mod apk.

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