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Story – Royal Revolt 2

The Royal Revolt 2 v7.1.2 game is an intense and thrilling first person game in the series. The game promises a lot from the players as they continue their mission to rescue the princess. The game is set in a dark and magical universe in which you play as Cinderella, the humble shepherds’ daughter who lives in a castle under the mountain.

You are given the task of rescuing the three fairy godmothers who live in the forest of a huge kingdom named Neverland. You will have to make use of several features available in this game that offers excellent graphics, superb audio and fully-unlocked gameplay.As stated earlier, the game story begins after you complete the introductory chapter.

You will have to use your wits against the monsters roaming free in the kingdom. When faced with a fight against a dragon, you will notice that the castle gates are down and that there are few men around to defend it. The goal of the game is to rescue the princess, locate her father, get help from other animals and reach safety. The story is full of magic and fantasy and gives an experience similar to a fairytale story.

Using the in-built graphics and real-time 3D effects the game story is enhanced. The entire game is designed in a highly-interactive manner that engages your attention. There are many other interesting things to do apart from the main storyline, such as searching for clues and solving mini-games.


The game’s interface allows you to browse through all the modes and select any time you want to switch to a new one. You can also save the game if you wish to do so anytime you want.The game graphics have good clarity and are not too taxing on the eyes. The game is available in the English language.

Some of the game features that are most popular with children include the use of the Disney character figurines which can be collected once you have rescued all the animals. Other exciting features include the duck calls that the ducklings use to communicate with each other.

There are a total of 28 levels in the game. There are many bonus levels that will keep the player interested for quite some time. Another interesting feature of this game is the different ways in which the player will be able to rescue the little animals.

The different techniques involved in the rescuing process will aid the player in increasing the difficulty levels as they proceed to the end of the story.Princess Ariel lives in a cottage on a mountain, where she lives with her magical fairy friend, Tinkerbell. Ariel is very protective of Tinkerbell and does not let go her heart desire to see her beloved frog, Fritter, again.

When the fairies tell Ariel that her father has been killed by King Mograine, she sets out on an adventure to find a new prince. Ariel finds her prince, but he soon falls in love with her and wishes to marry her. You play the role of Ariel and help Ariel save the human kingdom from the antagonists.

Graphics and Visual Quality

The graphics in this game are fairly simplistic, although the 3D effects may turn some people off. The interface and controls are very easy to learn and understand. Most online games have simple interfaces that allow the players to enjoy the game without getting frustrated. The game comes with an animated movie that accompanies the game.

This animated video provides a nice background to the storyline of the game.This game costs $15 to download and provides unlimited fun to all those who wish to try this particular version of the Royal Revolt series. The game play is fast paced and involves several puzzle type activities.

The best part about this game is that the players do not need to be an expert in computers to complete the game. Almost anyone can enjoy playing this engaging game. Even those who are new to online games can master this game easily due to the simplicity of the interface and game play.

Royal Revolt 2 v7.1.2 is the next installment of the hit computer game franchise “The Chronicles of Arador”. The story of the game mainly takes place in a magical land named Arador. The main hero of the story is a young boy called Gabriel.

Effects & Sounds

Gabriel was just a humble farm hand who was captured by an evil wizard named Shelach. The wizard wants to use Gabriel as a sacrifice to appease his dark god, Bagdad. But Gabriel has other plans and helps his master, liberating every man, women and child from the clutches of Shelach and his allies.

The game is mostly playing out in 3D rendered environment. The most fascinating part of the game is the usage of 3D graphics to make the environment more realistic. It is also filled with a high speed chase scene and some really cool spell effects and special effects. The story is told through journal entries that can be read by the player.

The story of the game is somewhat like the first game in the series where you were playing as the prince. The plot and story line of the second game revolves around the same concept but expands on it making it more dramatic and full of adventure. In this game you can choose either getting the help or seeking the help of some legendary hero.

Experience After gameplay

You can also get to control the weather conditions in several different ways. The action is totally fantasy with elements of magic. There are a lot of cool spells being used in this game as well.There are some online reviews that give a detailed picture of what the game play is like. It gives a better picture of what you can expect from the game.

It gives a clear picture of what the game has to offer and the quality of it as well. This game can be played as a single player game or you can connect with others around the world who are also having the same experience as you.This game is very captivating especially if you like animated cartoon style games. The graphics are great and the music is just like it sounds.

The game is challenging because of all the spells that you will need to know how to cast. You also have to know which gem is best to use in order to get the highest score possible. There is also a hidden item that can only be found by using a code. This is another way of keeping you interested and at the same time not giving up.

Fully unlocked App

There are various ways of going about the game play and you can also use both controllers and keyboard depending on your choice. The game play is great and does not take a lot of time. You will need to spend just 30 minutes to an hour playing this game to fully enjoy it. The game play is full of action and adventure and also includes some puzzle elements.

In the game there are three separate but interconnected game segments that you will have to go through. Each segment has its own set of mini-games and challenges. The first one has you protecting the town from an impending invasion of zombies. The second one has you rescuing the princess from a tower that has been swallowed up by the zombies.

The last part gives you the chance to play as the king and rescue your princess from the zombies. If you like adventure then you will definitely enjoy playing the full game. The controls are easy and simple and you can jump, run and fight with dragons in the game.

 Royal Revolt 2 v7.5.0 (MOD, Gode Mode) Free For Android