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SmithStory2 Game Story

Smith Story 2: A REMASTER OF AN OLD STORY is a classic hidden object adventure game that deals with the concept of time distortion. You play as the young woman, Smith, who finds herself trapped in the strange world of Smith Manor after an unfortunate incident involving a clock. Forced to stay and perform chores around the house while her babysitter is asleep, Smith slowly becomes more confused about her surroundings. When the attic suddenly erupts in fire and smoke, Smith is reunited with her father, Frank, who has come to the rescue. But are there any evil forces plotting against them?

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The story is divided into two parts. In the first part, you play as the heroine, Smith, who must find out why her father has suddenly gone missing, and where exactly he is being taken to. The second part of the tale involves going back to the town in which Frank lives, to investigate the death of another boy, Johnny, who disappeared just before his birthday party.


In Smith Tale, there are many different puzzles to solve and hidden objects to discover. The story is complemented by beautiful hand-drawn backgrounds and is full of bright colors and simple puzzles that all combine to make this one of the best games available for free on Play stations mobile. The puzzles themselves are very varied, each with its own style and appeal. Some are action-packed, while others are more thought-provoking.

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This game is very easy to understand and play. There is a help button on each screen that will point you in the direction of the next step if you get stuck. The controls are simple and intuitive, and once you have gotten used to them you will find that the game is extremely intuitive and challenging. This is why many people consider it one of the most addicting games available for free today.


The graphics in this game are very nice, although there were times when I found myself wishing that they had a bit more detail to them. Other than that, everything looked fine. The music is also nice and fits the whole tone of the game. The story is simple, but the images are very well detailed. The puzzles in this game are not very difficult, and anyone who played the game before would have no problem figuring them out.

SmithStory2 Apk Free for android

Smith Tale features many different endings. I could not figure out the true story behind the boy who disappeared. The reason why he went missing was never really explained, but the game did provide some clues that lead to finding out the reason why. One ending had me feeling that he might be a secret agent, as he goes from this business, which is called “James Bond Security”, to this private investigation firm. Another ending had me feeling that maybe Johnny was actually his son, and that he had been experimenting with drugs since Johnny was born.

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With so many people playing this game, it must be getting quite popular. Free of charge, you can give this game a try right now. You will easily find all of the other players online playing this game. You will enjoy the story line, the graphics, the puzzles, and even the fact that you can save your progress after finishing. The free version does not contain any of the story, but it is definitely enough to give you a taste of what the full version has to offer.

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If you enjoy adventure games, and enjoy hidden objects, this game is a perfect fit for you. If you like your PC games to be challenging, but don’t necessarily like solving puzzles or finding items, then this is an excellent game for you. It’s nice to play and has a very solid story, although I am not sure if I found everything that I needed to know. However, it’s definitely worth checking out.

SmithStory2 MOD Apk 0.0.90 (MOD Unlimited Money) Free For Download