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Tap Defenders MOD Apk and enjoy it's Unlimited Money/ Fast Level share with your friends if they want to use its premium /pro features with unlocked latest version 2021.
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Tap Defenders MOD Apk and enjoy it’s Unlimited Money/ Fast Level share with your friends if they want to use its premium /pro features with unlocked latest version 2021.

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Tap Defenders is an idyllic idle button defense game where in you construct your very own defenses to win the game against all the attacks. In the game, you are required to defend different points from all sort of attacks by making towers which are available on various maps and destroying the enemy soldiers as you advance to the next level.


These defenses are of different types including, woods, trees, rocks and many more. You can also buy new ones or modify your existing ones. Some features include, game story, tower defense game modes, screen wipes, sound track, achievements, high score list, and much more.


Storyline In the game, you must help your three hero characters (main characters are Wizard, Bishop and Priest) as they fight against the dungeon dwellers who intend to destroy the world. To do so, you have to build towers and defend them from waves of the dungeon dwellers’ attacks which are after the three heroes.


The storyline is beautifully drawn with excellent 3D graphics. The game mechanics are smooth and well designed, giving you an enjoyable gaming experience.


Gameplay The objective of Tap Defender is to guide your three heroes to defeat the dungeon dwellers. There is no particular time limit for the game, so you just need to take your time and see what strategy you will employ to beat the enemy. Some of the levels require you to save your castle by building towers which you have to defend it with your heroes. Other levels are more of a rush type with you having to survive waves of enemies attacking you.


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scrolls In the game, you are to protect your castle by making use of various scrolls. There are mainly four types of scrolls such as, heal, move, defense and attack. Once used, the scroll will automatically be transferred to another location, but you can also transfer five of them at a time.


. The gameplay involves using the skills of your chosen heroes to perform special moves which include, climbing up the ladders, attacking the monsters, destroying the creeps and defending your castle from the dungeon dwellers.


Hero Classes You can choose between different classes that include, Warrior, Scout, Ranger and Priest. Each class has its own set of special moves and the same goes with the different hero skills which include, heal, move, defense and attack. If you wish to level up faster, you can always purchase hero scrolls which can be acquired once you have reached a certain level in each of the six stages.


In case you feel boredom even during the downtime, you can always play the idle game that is available with the same scenario. In idle game, all you need to do is to create an account and upload some images. Then, select the creeps that you want to attack and drag and drop them on the grid. Once you have done it, simply wait for your creeps to reach the goal point and you will earn points.


One of the best features of the Clickers is that it includes its own Rpg-like element. It can make you enjoy the game even more because of the unique battle strategies that you will be taught. When you are playing the idle game, you can tap the screen to send the creeps to their doom. All you need to do is to strategically plan and think about the right timing when to attack and defend the towers. This is actually one of the best features of the game that you will love to play.


You can also hire new heroes and destroy the enemy base as well. As you go on with the game, you will learn about the different strategies and skills that you can use to attack the creeps. The tap defender includes eight levels and you can continue equipping the creeps as you go up in the ranks.

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It’s a very exciting way to spend some idle time as well. You can learn how to make use of the creeps against the monsters in order to protect the goal and reduce the score. You can also spend some time on training the various characters so that you will be able to build the best defense for the base as well as the clicker heroes that you will use to attack the enemies.


Tap Defenders has what many players would want out of a mobile game. It’s a combination of tower defence, idle clicking, and RPG elements, making it a fun and addictive game full of adventure. In addition to that, the game also comes with several different levels,


which means that it’s up to you to unlock them further to fight more difficult waves of increasingly difficult enemies. The game is entirely free to play, so there’s no cost to start. You can basically get started by simply unlocking the first level.


Free Premium pro apk download

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The first secret to winning with Tap Defenders is to use your skills wisely. You’ll have a variety of towers to use, and you’ll need to use these towers strategically to make sure that you defend the most amount of points from waves of nasty creatures. Your hero is the central character of this idle game, and there are several different classes to choose from.


There is also a fantasy element to it, giving the whole game an enchanted touch that some people may find a bit too heavy or childish for their taste. The best thing is that all of the classes have special skills, allowing you to get more out of each role.


In order to successfully win battles, you must be able to build towers that defend the point against monsters. This is done by earning the most points from your lane. Naturally, each tower needs to be used effectively in order to do this, as well as creating a pathway between the lanes.

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As you level up your characters, you earn money that you can spend on additional towers. Some heroes start with only a few towers, but this quickly runs out as more monsters show up to challenge you. A good strategy is to always be on the lookout for a new wave of monsters to throw at your position, and to stay away from weaker units until they have started to build their towers.


Tower defense games are becoming very popular among casual gamers. The genre itself has a lot of history and a lot of tradition behind it. Some RTS games have been stripped down to their core mechanic, but there is still an underlying system that keeps the game going.


There is an art to this type of RTS-style game, and most of it relies on timing. However, in this idle game, there are towers that can be clicked that can unleash a powerful attack on enemy units, which makes this type of RTS much more engaging than many other types.


Unlike most RTS games, tower defense allows you to view a view that replicates that of a tabletop battle. You can see units approaching and can see buildings producing more buildings as you construct more towers. Building supply buildings, researching technologies, and getting more engineers as you progress through the game will earn you money to buy better weapons, buildings, and even better engineers to help you defend the position you are in.


If you are having trouble defending your position, there are certain techniques you can use to get the job done faster. Some of these techniques include using cannons and troops to push back the enemy quickly, and even employing hit and run tactics when your position is being held by a larger force. In this idle game, these techniques are heavily employed to beat the enemy.


Clicker Heroes taps into the roots of a traditional role playing games and combines it with the tower defense genre to create a fun and addicting game for gamers of all ages. When you play this game, you are in command of three clickers (these are your heroes).

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The three clickers have varying abilities, and they must use these abilities wisely in order to protect the location you are in from waves of monsters. Each level has progressively more difficult monsters, which makes this game more difficult as you advance through its stages.


When you first start playing Tap Defenders, you are forced to start off with just a few simple tiles. These tiles represent the positions of the many weapons that your heroes can equip and use in battle. You need to protect these tiles from being taken by the monsters as they slowly move across the screen from tile to tile.


As you add more weapons and as you recruit new heroes into your army, you are able to build more towers to protect your position faster. When enough of these towers have been constructed, you will be able to move on to the next level and continue on your quest to protect the location you are in.


Once you have finished one level, you are then able to move to the next level by clicking on the new hero scroll that appears above where you were standing before. There are a total of eight hero scrolls in each level of this idle game. If you want to level up fast, it is best that you recruit a lot of new heroes into your army.


However, you are not going to be able to equip them all the time because only the monsters can attack you and the Tap Defenders are helpless in taking them on. When you want to equip your new recruits, you have to place the required pieces on their tiles.

Experience After gameplay

The hero scroll is only used to summon them to your army when you are ready to go to battle so you will be able to spend more time focusing on building up your own ranks of warriors instead of wasting time on summoning new monsters to fight off with the Tap Defenders.

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