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 Text Scanner [OCR] MOD Apk and enjoy it's Unlimited Money/ Fast Level share with your friends if they want to use its premium /pro features with unlocked latest version 2021.
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Text Scanner [OCR] MOD Apk and enjoy it’s Unlimited Money/ Fast Level share with your friends if they want to use its premium /pro features with unlocked latest version 2021.

Guys I try to  Text Scanner [OCR] Apk awesome new update where you easily download it and use it as you want on your smartphone it is free to download.

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Scanner Apps for Your Portable Reading Machine

Text Scanner X marks the new era of mobile phone scanning. OCR Text Scanner is ideal app to identify any text in an image with 98.7% to 99.3% accuracy, thanks to the patented scanning technology. With this advanced technology, the recognition capability of OCR software is more accurate than conventional scanning methods and applications. The features and functionalities of Text Scanner X are unmatched among other OCR apps.


* Smart recognition technology. Recognized text is displayed as a thumbnail of scanned image. Choose from different styles of preview thumbnail (thumbnail with text, random thumbnail, etc). Select a preferred size for previewing scan result. Immediate application launch for convenient and hassle-free scanning.


* Improved recognition quality. Text Scanner X offers improved recognition quality over the OCR software that is widely used in the market. Text recognition engine is capable of automatically detecting symbols, numbers and punctuation, marks and spaces according to international standards for recognition of any text in an image.

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* Cross-platform compatibility. Text Scanner X is compatible with Windows Phone and Blackberry devices, including some models of Android phones. It supports universal mode for Android and multi-frame processing for Blackberry OS. The major function of the text scanner app is to recognize any kind of text and convert it into an OCR file.


* Optical Character Recognition. OCR is the most accurate method of recognizing text. Optical character recognition (OCR) uses a highly advanced technology to recognize and extract words from any image using a pattern of dots and dashes. This is the main function of the Text Scanner X and other leading OCR apps.


* Evernote Scannable. Text Scanner X has an extensive dictionary of common terms used in any field such as travel guide, maps, magazines, newspapers, blogs, business documents, etc. You can run all these apps on the Text Scanner X effortlessly. You can even add new words or phrases as well as expand or contract the font of your screen.


* Voice Recorder. The Text Scanner X comes with an innovative voice recorder capability that lets you record audio notes while you are away from your computer. Voice Recorder also features the facility to edit audio recordings.


Apart from this, the Text Scanner X comes with the Voice Recognition Look-up which allows you to find people by their voice. In addition, the Text Scanner X has a high-speed USB scanner that allows you to scan receipts, currency, bar codes, images, and many more OCR files.


* Evernote Scannable. If you have some important notes and you want to save them but cannot open them right away, you can transfer them through Text Scanner. Just use one of the numerous compatible ink pens for Text Scanner X and let the app scans the documents for you.


This is the best thing about Text Scanner X: it has an efficient scanning engine that lets you take care of important documents without wasting time. You can also upload the scanned documents onto your evernote account.


Text Scanner also comes along with a number of other useful apps such as: Keep Doing, Find Me Now, Keep Track of History, Quick Note, Find Me Later, Remind Me, Save to eBook, Take Note, and Time Tracker.

Latest version 2021

* Printable Document Scanner. You can send printed text or PDF documents through Text Scanner X with this app. This is a perfect solution for business people who need to send printed materials as urgent notifications. Even if you are traveling, you can download this app to use this feature anytime. The app has an OCR feature that helps the app to recognize handwritten text, and it has a scanning feature that can recognize printed text, images, posters, and so on.


* Handwriting Recognition. If you need to check and review handwritten texts from your old or new printer, you can attach it to the Text Scanner X and it will scan the document for you.


This is also one of the most useful features of the portable reading machine. The scanner has an OCR feature which allows you to recognize handwritten text, and it can even recognize printed text.


* Convert Printed Text to Black and White. To make sure that the scanned documents are in original format, you can use the PDF convert option from the Text Scanner X. You can simply select the convert option from the main menu and the document will be automatically converted into black and white.


Of course, you can also use the regular option to scan the document into PDF. This is an excellent function of the portable reading machine because this will allow you to make the most of the scanning functions even if you have no printer to use.

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Text Scanner is a powerful tool to scan any text document. It is user-friendly software that allows you to do basic scanning and conversion within seconds. You can create as many scans as your device can handle, which supports scanning in black and white, grayscale, sepia, or color. This software can also be used to scan receipts, medical reports, and other types of paper documents.


Text Scanner OCR is based on patented technology. With an innovative scanning process, the recognition of handwritten text is much improved compared to manual scanning. Text Scanner has the ability to recognize hundreds of different Handwriting Styles.


You can choose from various font styles and sizes according to your individual handwriting style. With Text Scanner, you can quickly and conveniently scan any documents with a single touch.


Text Scanner OCR is compatible with almost all Smartphones including iPhone, iPod Touch, HTC, and several other Android devices that are currently on the market. Text Scanner has been featured in numerous consumer reviews as one of the most useful apps for smart phones and tablets.

Effects & Sounds & Music Playback Quality

The scanning quality of Text Scanner OCR has been described as excellent by many users. Text Scanner also provides the option of editing digital images such as pictures and scanned documents. You can change the size of text area and adjust the color of the background, according to your preferences. You can even print out copies of any documents you have scanned using this convenient app.


Text Scanner has an extensive library of over 6000+ unique styles, letters, and locations. You can use the “Words” or “Coordinates” option in the main menu to easily locate a particular word. You can even search for a specific word, place or thing using the Search option of Text Scanner OCR.


Moreover, the app allows you to translate text from foreign languages using the local language function. The dictionary and contextual help section of the text scanner app enable students to build their vocabulary while translating a selection of texts.

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It offers three ways of archiving documents: zip, RAR and FAT. You can also preview a selected part of a document before converting to PDF format. The document scanner also allows you to save any number of PDF files.


The language conversion option of the text translator app allows you to translate a document into any number of different languages. You may not always have access to a computer to perform the translation tasks. If you need an immediate translation, you can simply export the text by clicking on the “Export Text” option present on the document scanner.


With the availability of the freeware version and the cost-free commercial version of the app, you no longer need to buy a license for using it. Just install the latest version of the app and start scanning documents. You can even scan a document and send it as an email attachment. The PDF app offers 100% touch-ups of scanned documents. If you wish, you may also align and reformat the pdf files.


The new “Ginger” version of the Text Scanner OCR engine offers enhanced scanning options like tabbing, auto-corrects and a faster scanning speed. The Genius Scan Plus Premium 6.0.1 app offers the same scanning options as in the free version.


The only difference is that the premium version allows you to open PDF files directly without having to first save them in your computer. This eliminates the need to save the document in your computer, then upload it to the cloud or send them over the internet.


With the availability of different languages for the selected languages, the Text Scanner OCR Engine now provides translated text documents for android devices. This will make it easier for different users to communicate with each other when coming across a document with different languages.


The translation process would be time consuming if it were to be done manually. Thus, the application becomes more useful to android users.

Text Scanner [OCR] v9.3.0 (MOD Primium Unlocked) Free For Android